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Blinds add colour and style to a house. They can brighten up the building and give it a whole new look. Blinds increase privacy and a sense of security to any home or building as they protect occupants from unwanted gazes of people passing by. They also keep the house shaded and cooler in summer. Blinds usually come in many different types, sizes, colours, materials and patterns.

Types of Blinds:

Following are some types of blinds available to residential and commercial spaces:

  1. Veri Shades:

Veri Shades are also known as Clever Blinds or Curtains. They are relatively new to the market. They have no chains, cords or weights, making them a safer option for families with children. Veri Shades can be opened and closed easily, even across large doorways without any difficulties. They are stylish with soft, durable fabric and come with twist wands or motorised options. They are stain-resistant but also easy to clean.

  1. Venetian Blinds:

Venetian blinds are popular amongst home and business owners alike. These offer easy control over light and privacy. They are suitable for all window sizes and come in a large variety of designs. They are easy to clean as they do not have to be removed from the windows. Venetian blinds are affordable and considered the most versatile blinds in the market.  

  1. Lumen Blinds:

Lumen blinds are also known as Zebra blinds. A chain allows control over light by adjusting the opaque and horizontal strips of the fabric, similar to a roller blind. They look elegant and contemporary and allow good views from the inside while providing privacy from the outside at the same time. They are simple to use in homes and offices and complement plantation shutters.

  1. Panel Blinds:

Panel blinds look beautiful in traditional and contemporary settings. They are good for larger windows and patio doors. Panel blinds control light, views and privacy in commercial and domestic settings in a more sophisticated and fashionable way.

  1. Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds can offer complete blockage from harmful UV rays and heat in summer, protection from the cold in winter and allow total privacy for homes and commercial spaces. They are easy to operate, durable and available in different fabrics and fabric strengths.

  1. Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds consist of horizontally placed slats or vanes which come in different widths and lengths and can be cut to suit specific heights and shapes. They are affordable and versatile. Their wide range of materials, textures and finishes can add great style to any home or business facility. Vertical blinds give protection against dust, UV rays and also can assist in controlling noise.  They are easy to operate and maintain. Individual slats can be unhinged and cleaned or replaced.

  1. Motorised Blinds:

Motorised blinds are an ideal choice for people who want added functions in their blinds. They are also a great solution for hard to reach areas and can save energy and preserve privacy by adjusting themselves automatically according to the amount of light available. Motorised blinds are considered as another aspect of home automation. They are convenient to use and can also protect the building from intruders.

Benefits of Blinds:

The following are some benefits of blinds:
  1. Variety of Materials:

Blinds are made from a large variety of materials, textures and styles to suit everyone. Materials include aluminum, vinyl, timber, imitation timber, bamboo and fabric etc. Aluminum is the most popular choice. Blinds can be matched to compliment the interior and furniture.

  1. Blinds Require Low Maintenance:

Blinds are generally easy to install and low maintenance, which makes them a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces. Regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth will help to keep them looking good for many years. Timber and metal blinds usually last longer than other varieties.

  1. Controlling Light:

As the slats can be tilted up or down, opened or closed, blinds are an easy option for controlling light and unwanted sun rays which can be harmful. They also offer privacy.

  1. Aesthetically Appealing:

Blinds can help enhancing the look of any residential and commercial space and make them aesthetically appealing. Most people these days are more aesthetically conscious. Blinds manufacturers and companies update their designs regularly to be able to offer customers a variety of styles and looks according to their preferences and tastes. Eco-friendlier options are more and more available too.

  1. Affordability:

All types of blinds such as roller blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds come in many different styles and price ranges to suit all customers’ budgets. They are easy and simple-to-use with different features and mechanisms. Blinds can last many years with little maintenance required.

  1. Wide Variety of Styles, Colors, and Patterns:

There is a wide variety of styles, colours and materials available for blinds from roller blinds to vertical blinds to roman blinds available with different mechanisms depending on a customer’s requirements and budget. Options are endless.

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