Choosing INVISI-GARD is the perfect way to protect your home without compromising your style. INVISI-GARD is made from a 316 Marine grade stainless steel mesh, which is extremely difficult to cut, the retention system technique which is used to assemble the door makes INVISI-GARD doors unique in their strength and durability.

Invisi-Gard security doors and screens are no doubt one of the best investments you can make for your home's safety.

Why Choose Invisi-Gard?

  • 10x the required strength to meet Australian Standards in ability to absorb energy.
  • Frame built with heavy duty aluminium for increased strength.
  • The patented EGP retention system means the mesh can handle dynamic impacts.
  • Extremely difficult to cut Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh.
  • Patented design ensures there are no unsightly screws and fixings

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