Straight Drop Awnings

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Straight Drop Awnings

The main purpose of straight drop awnings is to shade outdoor living areas. A rope pulley controls the straight drop awnings. They are available in mesh, acrylic and canvas fabrics providing sun protection and privacy and creating a pleasant ambience. They are great for modern outdoor living areas, due to their sleek design and wide choice of fabrics. Providing premium protection is their ultimate goal and they are ideally suited for residential, commercial and hospitality applications. Both manual and motorised options are available for straight drop awnings ensuring their smooth operation.

Features and Advantages of Straight Drop Awnings:

Straight drop awnings protect against harmful rays of the sun and can lower the strain on air conditioners. Straight drop awnings are perfect for pergolas, verandas and outdoor living areas. They are also suitable for restaurants for weather protection and privacy. They are mostly available in a sunscreen mesh, PVC option or acrylic canvas. The following are some crucial features and advantages of straight drop awnings:

  1. Spring Loaded Top Roller:

The spring-loaded top roller controls tension of the fabric. It can easily be operated by using a crank handle to raise and lower the awning and straps are used to hold the awnings in place properly. Where space is at a premium, this type of awning adds a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to any residential or commercial building.

  1. Variety of Colours Option:

For straight drop awnings, customers get a lot of variety and options when choosing materials and colours according to their taste and set up. Some customers like to match their awning’s colour to other colours used on the property, others like to create a contrast.

  1. Galvanised Tube:

In straight drop awnings, the galvanised tube can be as large as 78mm to support and strengthen the awning, spanning large areas up to 6 meters. They also include a side cable guide with the 316 marine grade stainless steel and anchor clips for added strength.

  1. Fabric Choices of Straight Drop Awning:

The three most popular choices of fabric are canvas, acrylic and mesh. Canvas features include protection from harmful sunrays. Canvas is very water-resistant and offers a better shade factor than acrylic or mesh. Acrylic provides protection from harsh weather conditions and without sacrificing privacy allows limited light. Mesh allows air and light to filter through and they are flame retardant.

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